Frequently asked questions

1. What is Milez?

Milez is a free iOS and Android app for any driver that wants to be rewarded for distraction free driving. The driver needs a guardian angel to add the rewards to be earned for safe driving. The guardian angel can be invited from the app.

To earn the rewards the driver needs to keep Milez app active while driving with a speed above 5 mph.

2. Who can use Milez?

Milez can be used by any driver with a smartphone. The driver needs to have a guardian angel who will add funds for safe driving.

3. How much does it cost?

Milez is a free app for drivers. To earn rewards the driver needs a guardian angel. The guardian angel can add funds to the account of the driver. Once the driver reward reaches at least $20, the driver can withdraw the reward earned.

Example: A guardian angel sets $75 as the monthly reward, once the driver earns at least $20, the driver can withdraw $20, the remaining $55 will remain to be earned by the driver.

4. Are there any commissions involved?

Milez does not charge any commission for drivers.

Each time a guardian angel adds funds, Milez charges a 10% commission on. This fee is used to cover the transfer fees and to keep the system up and running.

5. 5. How are funds added by a guardian angel?

A guardian angel needs to create a Milez account, than needs to invite a driver (if the guardian angel does not have one), set the monthly distance limit, set the monthly reward and add the credit card details.
Milez is using Stripe as credit card payment processing solution. Please consult Stripe website for more details: https://support.stripe.com/

6. Does Milez need an Internet connection?

Milez requires an Internet connection only at login and at the end of a trip, in order to synchronize and save the trip data on the servers.

Milez does not need an Internet connection while the driver is driving.

7. How much data Milez is using?

We are continuously improving the data consumption of our app. Do not expect to surpass 50MB per month.

8. Does Milez need a GPS signal?

Yes, Milez app needs a GPS signal in order to determine the distance traveled by the Driver. This is important to calculate the funds the driver earns for each trip from funds added by the guardian angel.

9. Does Milez consume a lot of battery?

We are optimizing as much as possible, but we recommend using a phone charger for trips longer than 50 miles.

10. What information does Milez save?

Milez saves your first and last name, email, trip distance, number of trips, trip distance, time of the trip and funds earned. Optionally, the you can save your age, car brand, phone number.

Milez does not save information about your location, destination or route.

11. Does Milez save location data? Can the guardian angel track where is the driver?

No, Milez does not save any location data. We are very keen on data privacy. The guardian angel cannot see or track the current or past location of the driver. The guardian angel can see only the trips and distances driven in a certain time period by a driver.

12. What is a responsible driver?

A responsible driver is a user that is not using the smartphone at a speed above 5 mph, with Milez app active on the smartphone screen.

13. How can a driver invite a guardian angel?

The driver can invite a guardian angel from the app via Facebook, email, SMS or WhatsApp. The guardian angel will receive a link with the trips the driver has made before the invitation. The guardian angel can create an account and add funds to the driver.

14. What is the minimum amount that a driver can withdraw?

A driver can withdraw a minimum of $20.

15. What is the minimum amount a guardian angel can add?

A guardian angel can add a minimum of $25, excluding the 10% Milez commission.

Available for Apple iOS and Android

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